Welcome Winter Sports!

With the cooler and shorter days quickly approaching, we know many of our patients will be gearing up for winter sports and  activities. Though most of our patients are probably already prepared for some winter fun, we thought we would discuss a few precautions to take when it comes to keeping your teeth safe as you participate in your favorite winter sports and activities.

Use a Mouthguard

Are your kids participating in contact sports this winter? If the answer is yes, we strongly encourage you to have them fitted for a mouthguard before the season starts. Athletes can avoid serious mouth and jaw injuries by using a mouthguard. Hockey? Mouth guards are a MUST for this activity! The ice is NOT your friend if you take those sometimes unavoidable spills.

Be Mindful of Sports Drinks

While sports drinks are the popular drink of choice for quenching your thirst on an active day, they also contain high levels of sugar and citric acid, which are known to erode the teeth and reduce the minerals in the outer tooth enamel. What is the best way to prevent sports drinks from damaging your teeth? Avoid them completely and drink water instead. Water is a great option to keep you hydrated before, during, or after a vigorous day.

Be sure to floss!!

While we always tell our patients about the importance of flossing, but athletes and sports enthusiasts are likely to consume more sugar; from energy bars to chewing gum and believe us when we say that you are not doing your teeth any favors. The sugar may give you that quick, extra energy you are looking for, but we want you to remember to floss when you get home, or else contend with an increased risk of cavities down the road.

Have a safe and happy winter!

If you have any questions about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy while participating in winter sports, please give us a call at 208-883-7645. Dr. Peterson offers free, custom hockey mouth guards. Contact us for more information.