Thinking outside of the box!

I was sitting in a business meeting the other day, and the topic of dental care came up, specifically how people new to an area choose a dentist. A lot of people make the choice by word of mouth. “Who do you go to?”, “Who do you like?”, “Were you treated well?”… In a day and age where information is literally at the tip of your fingers, it’s easy to get bogged down in information overload. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from a real person what their experiences have been with local providers.

Here’s what seems to be a common thread…

FIRST IMPRESSIONS matter! One person told a story of being treated terribly by the front office staff. Even though he ended up liking the doctor and staying with the practice, that bad experience stayed with him and it was the FIRST thing he mentioned when talking about the dental office. As a person new to an area, I might shy away from that office, even though he touted the quality of the actual dental care. I just don’t want to be treated badly by anyone when I am already putting myself in a position that can be a little stressful to begin with.

What makes Dr. Peterson’s office different is that WE know that your first visit, and every visit thereafter is important to you! We try to go above and beyond from your first phone call because we want you to know that you MATTER to us!

We think outside the box, from the design of our building, to the comfort and décor of not just the reception area, but each individual room. Everything about our practice has been carefully considered with your comfort in mind! And it’s not just the building, but the people in it, who have been chosen to serve your dental needs.

Our front office staff were selected because of their ability to make you feel welcomed, and their knowledge to help answer your questions and concerns. Our clinical staff were chosen not only for their technical ability, but for their kindness and compassion. Our doctor vigilantly keeps up on the latest training and techniques, and he invests in his staff so that they have the up-to-date training they need to provide the best quality possible.

If you are looking for a dental office that genuinely cares about you and your family, give Wayne Peterson DMD a try! Call us at 208-883-7645 and let us help you meet your dental needs. :-)