Comfort... a guest blog

Comfort isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your dentist, but Dr. Peterson and his staff believe that it’s important that you do feel COMFORT when in their care… It is the backbone of the practice. I worked in Dr. Peterson’s front office for over four years, and when I left to pursue a different career path, I continued going to the practice as a patient.

I have major dental fears from a traumatic dental experience as a child. (An all too familiar story!) I never thought I’d overcome that fear, or ever feel comfortable in a dental chair. With a LOT of patience and care, Dr. Peterson, Taylor and his staff, have helped me work through those fears.

Change is inevitable, but one thing stays constant in Wayne’s practice… He knows me… He cares about my health, and he has a TEAM that CARES about me. That has stayed true and consistent in my experiences for the last seven years, and I believe it will stay true for as long as he is in practice. So I have to say “thank you”, to Dr. Peterson, to Taylor, to Morgon, and the rest of his staff, for ensuring that my comfort, and my health continue to matter… Stacy Gessler